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The funny thing about guys going out on a milf date they’ve found through meetmilfs is that they assume that all the benefits from that activity are purely sexual in nature. I really can’t say I blame them. Most people lack imagination. Most people are very literal. They just focus on what’s right in front of them and don’t dare to look past what’s obvious.

This really is too bad because if you were to scratch beneath the surface, even in a halfhearted way, you would quickly realize that the typical milf date actually delivers quite a huge amount of nonsexual benefits. I am, of course, talking about networking.

Think about it, if you are into multi-level networking, you need to broaden your social networks. You need to know friends who have friends who have friends who have friends. Think of it as like a three dimensional real world version of Facebook.

Have you ever posted a funny cat picture on Facebook? And when you check your wall post, it shows that there are tons of people who shared your stuff. That’s how viral content works, and guess what? That plays out in real life as well. This is called word of mouth.

So if you are selling real estate or an insurance program that would pay you thousands of dollars over the months, you might want to consider broadening your social network through your milf dating activities. That’s right, your milf date doesn’t necessarily have to just yield physical benefits. You could also focus on social benefits. In fact, if you think about it in broad terms, a typical milf date is more valuable in dollars and cents when it is used as a networking opportunity.

Never ever pass up an opportunity to network. Get tons of business cards, print it out, pass them out to people, become everybody’s friend. Smile a lot and you’d be surprised as to how much money you make, as well as how much pussy you get.

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