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For a few months after graduating high school, I picked up handyman jobs. It could be super annoying to deal with some people, and super fantastic dealing with others. Old people were the worst. The grannies were clueless, and the grandpas were critical. Housewives were by far my favorite. Not the ones with kids at home, but the older, more mature women, whose kids were already in high school or moved out. They were flirtatious and appreciative.

Dee had called me up a few times. The first time was to install some new hardware on her kitchen cabinets, the second time was to replace her ceiling fan with a chandelier, and the third time was to get fucked.

I showed up to her house thinking I was going to be fixing her garbage disposal, but once I was in her living room, I realized that had been a ploy to get me there and an excuse to give her frequently absent husband. Dee was acting a little different than usual, somewhat awkward. As I headed to her kitchen, she told me to wait. I turned around to look at her, and she took her top off. I stared at her tits dumbfounded, and that was when she asked if I could work on her instead.

She was obviously nervous and had never cheated on her husband before. I was 18, and there was no way I would turn down pussy. The sex was hot, and she still wrote me a check. I have been into older women ever since.

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